Das Sichtbare, das Seiende, gibt dem Werk die Form. Das Unsichtbare, das Nichts, gibt ihm Wesen und Sinn.
Lao Tse



The project is a result of musical and visual reflections about “Chakras” (energy centres in the human body as taught in traditional Asian doctrine) and the “Gaben” (gifts) of Christian tradition.

Animated by mystics of various religions, Mathias Bartoszewski looked - through meditative painting - into the question of HOW ARE OUR TALENTS AND GIFTS ACCESSIBLE AND USABLE?

Inspired by the topic, their own meditative experiences and the expressive paintings, four musicians searched for tonal correspondences. They play with elements of Gregorian chant, classical music and jazz, with structures from simple song to free improvisation. Using the spectrum of their voices and instruments, they explore acoustic characteristics as well as moods and atmospheres connected to the “Gaben” and “Chakras”. The choreography of the performance is derived from Hindu gestures.

At the centre of the space is an installation which is modified and enlivened by projections of paintings. The audience is led into a meditation in colour and sound, experiences moods which are borne by the power and dynamism of the “Chakras” or “Gaben”, and is confronted with its own “Gaben” and “Chakras”.

Elisa Bartoszewski - organ and musical direction

Alina Semenova - soprano, percussion

Anna Vishnevska - contralto, guitar

Sara Kühn - soprano


Mathias Bartoszewski - paintings, projections, installation